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Wheelchairs verus buggies. The bus wars.

In recent, and very unreported news, two conflicting cases on wheelchair access on buses have been sent together to the court of appeal. This is set to become a leading case on public transport issues, and therefore may well be … Continue reading

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Left Unity founding conference – an incredible birth but an accessibility nightmare

Yesterday, the founding conference for a new left wing political party was held in London. And yet again, I was strongly reminded of Saul Alinsky, who once famously said ‘Young protagonists … have no illusions about the system, but plenty … Continue reading

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Benefit Fraud part two – state control of bodies

In my previous post I took a macro view of the topic of ‘Benefit Fraud’. Today I am zooming in the lens, and taking a closer, micro view of the human experience. Who commits benefit fraud? What can we learn … Continue reading

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The bedroom tax and buggy bound babies. Why it is wrong for all of us

The case against the bedroom tax has been well laid out by many. It has also created a large amount of heat. As of this morning, if you Google ‘bedroom tax’ you get one hundred and twenty three million hits. … Continue reading

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On the ridiculous suggestion that Stephen Hawking exists, therefore disability benifits shouldn’t

This week the Daily Mail and the Telegraph both ran versions of the same story, highlighting a rant by one particular GP in the doctors magazine Pulse. This particular GP resents spending time with patients who claim sickness benefits or require … Continue reading

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Do my students see me as disabled? And should they?

To what extent, I often ask myself, does having a disability affect my teaching? Teaching is a relationship. One may be able to gather facts or alter habits in isolation, but without communication, one can never truly deepen understanding. Freire … Continue reading

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